Airpurifiers / Air Cleaners / Air Sterilizers    
 Indoor Dust
 Pet Dander
 Kitchen Smoke
 Cigarette Smoke
 Mold Odor
 Suspended Allergens
 Drifting Pollen
 Microscopic Organisms-Bacteria & Virus
Villas Factories Hotels Hospitals Public Facilities
 Filter indoor air infested with dust
 Eliminate Viruses
 Control Bacteria
 Remove the worst odors imaginable
 Get rid of pet dander And
 Everything else that can possible create unhealthy or poor air quality
 Hepa Air Purifiers
 Germicidal Air Cleaners
 Ion Generators
 Air Quality Testing
 Odor Remediation Equipment

Turnkey Air Quality Improvement Solutions for Offices, Buildings, Hotels, Cinema Halls, Malls, Restaurants, Washrooms, Construction Sites etc...
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Multi Automatic Public Toilets
Mobile And Portable Toilets
Other Public Toilet Buildings

Most Successful model in commercial & home segment with 6 purification technologies

Airmedic VOCARB
Specifically designed to take care of VOC's and other harmful chemicals

Biozone N30
Air Sterilizer from Finland-Permanent solution installed on the wall or Ceiling

Value for money unit-ideal to reduce all kind of odors at home

BZ Series
Portable Air Sterilizer from Finland ideal for home use

Ceiling Mounted Unit
Ceiling mounted air cleaners for pubs, club, restaurants, sheesha, office etc.

Heavy Duty Industrial/Commercial air purifier ideal for reducing odors from Restaurants, Smoking Room, Lobby, Ballrooms etc.

Power Zone
The most effective portable machine for removing the odors from rooms in Hotels, Hospitals & Offices. Apart from the unmatched efficiency achieved in as short as 20 min, the product has Zero maintenance for 2 years

UV Induct System
UV system installed in the building HVAC
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