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Danfo ME Services LLC is a part and representative office of DANFO AB Sweden. Danfo is the most experienced and advanced company in manufacturing automated lavatory systems around the world. Set up in 1969 in Sweden, the company has vast experience and is considered as masters in this field.

Danfo takes pride in providing units for the betterment of people by providing cleaner environment. We have more than 40 years of experience of resolving the problems related to public toilets, with over 1000 installations all over the world.

Danfo takes pride in the fact they have resolved the severe problems of Public Toilets in biggest cities. Apart from the core business Danfo ME specializes in providing turkey solutions to counter any Indoor Air Quality issues (IAQ). We take pride in providing air cleaners which in turn provide better environment to the people.

Danfo ME Services LLC- A specialist in the field of Public Toilets and Indoor air cleaning equipments.

Multi Automatic Public Toilet
Combining modern technology with user-friendly functions, MAPT is the new generation of public toilets.
Airpurifiers/ Air Cleaners/Air Sterilizers
Airpurifiers/ Air cleaners/Air Sterilizers.
Mobile And Portable Toilets
Mobile/Portable toilets on Rental & Sale basis. Many places of work do not have access to
Other Public Toilet Buildings
All our public toilets are durable and vandal-resistant at the same time as they offer visitors a pleasant and hygienic interior.
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