Mobile And Portable Toilets    

Many places of work do not have access to toilets – construction sites, roadwork, mines and more remote public transport stops are some examples. The same also applies to places of work in the tourism and leisure sector – golf courses, nature reserves, sports facilities and so on, Danfo offers toilet cabins where a permanent toilet solution is not suitable. They can easily be transported and offer good comfort and hygiene even in remote locations.

The toilet cabins comes with built-in waste tank. All models are insulated for year-round use and have lighting and heating. The toilet cabins can also be fitted with different types of exterior cladding and a special roof to blend in with the surroundings.

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Pacto the Hygienic Waterless Toilet -used in challenging environment: Pacto is a waterless toilet for use anywhere. There are no installation requirements. No need for water, electricity or batteries. With Pacto, a toilet can be up and running within minutes. Pacto can also be operated with no environmental footprint.

Among the many deployments are military operations, camps, field hospitals, work sites, mines, disaster relief operations, refugee camps and civil defense


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